Maybe you’re…

  • Ready to go “all in” on social media, but you need some coaching and accountability.

  • Excited and fired up, but now fully understand the time and commitment it takes to be successful on social media.

  • You have the foundation and strategy, but want help executing.

If you’re wondering what’s next or where go from here, I have something for you! I am now offering Social Media Coaching and I am sharing the opportunity with you, Social Simplified Bootcampers, first!

Private, one-on-one coaching with me will allow you to build on the momentum you have from the last 6 weeks and keep going strong. You have a strategy and a plan - now you need to put it into practice. Ready to execute? I’ll help you perfect your system, define and track metrics for success and hold you accountable to meeting your goals.

Social Media Coaching

You have the foundation, but now you need to do it. And do it consistently! Remember, it takes 9-12 months to see results on social media. Having a coach by your side keeps you on track, helps you make smart decisions quickly and keeps you accountable. You’ll know what is working and what is not - no more guessing or wasting time. Plus, I will provide ongoing training, real time training in our Facebook Group so you’ll have access to the latest trends, changes and platform updates.

Ready to take your social media to the next level? I am only offering a few exclusive coaching spots. Pick the package that is right for you and claim your spot today!

Groupie: Social Simplified Coaching
Monthly Coaching Calls
Ongoing Training in Facebook Group + Support
6 months
$200 / month

VIP: Social Simplified Coaching
Biweekly Coaching Calls
Ongoing Training in Facebook Group + Support
6 months
$400 / month