Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Do you feel like you’re just posting to post? You need a gameplan!

What Can a Solid Social Media Strategy Do For You?

  • Give you clarity on your brand and how to talk about yourself/your business

  • Help you identify your target audience and who you’re talking to

  • Tell you exactly what you should be posting

  • Identify goals to keep you on track and measure social media success

  • Tell you what channels you should be on

  • Help you develop a system to use social media with less time

  • Get you the results you have been wanting and grow your business

My strategic approach to social media ensures that your social media is aligned with all of your other digital marketing and communication channels. No more silos!

My Process for Creating a Solid Social Strategy

While the process for building your strategy may look a little different, you can expect to follow a similar step-by-step progression as we work together. I offer these services as a complete package or a la carte based on your needs.


Step 1:
Social Media Audit

Before we determine where you need to go, let’s see where you’re at. My social media audit is a breakdown of your current social media channels and activity.

Step 2:
Brand Strategy

Every good social media strategy starts with a solid brand. You may have a logo but does your brand have a voice?

Step 3:
Content Strategy

Knowing what to post is everything! My content strategy process starts with a content brainstorm session and ends with a content map and posting schedule so you know exactly what to post and when. 


Step 4: Channel Plan

You don’t need to be on every social media channel out there. Only the ones that are right for you and your business. My channel plan helps you determine which channels are right for you.

Step 5: System

I help you develop a content calendar and social media system specific to you that equips you with the tools to post consistently with less time and have long term success. 


I also offer the following services to compliment any solid social media strategy:

  • Social Media Training

  • Best practices/Do’s and Don’ts

  • Online Groups & Community Strategy

  • Ambassador/Reward Programs

Let's Chat!

If you're ready to simplify your social media, contact Teah to schedule a one-on-one consultation.


"Teah has been an instrumental part of our marketing team at The Hatchery."

"Our initial brainstorming session helped us map out a clear idea of what content to create based on our target markets. In our monthly meetings, she looks over our social media content and holds us accountable for what we said we were going to do! Having an outside set of eyes and source of accountability has proven to be immeasurably valuable to our growth."

— Amanda Quick
Owner, The Hatchery