Tackle Social Media Once & For All!

Overcome your social media days of struggle and start driving business with the Social Simplified: 6-Week Bootcamp. The coaching program will equip you with a clear roadmap across multiple social media platforms, as well as a sustainable process to keep the momentum going well after our six weeks together!



“If you’re wasting your time staring blankly at the keyboard for your next caption - get Social Simplified instead!”

“Social Simplified provided clarity that helped make our business’s social media strategy feel so much less overwhelming! Teah Hopper is easy to understand and the tips she provides have been instrumental in our growth. Thanks to Teah we now have more brand clarity and consistency. I would recommend Social Simplified to anyone who is ready to start feeling less overwhelmed, uninspired, and flat out confused about social media.” - Raigan Mastain, Marketing Manager, The Hatchery

Teah Hopper, social media strategist and founder of Social Simplified.

Teah Hopper, social media strategist and founder of Social Simplified.

How will it save you time?

Instead of spending one, random hour each day staring at your business page, trying to determine which meme will get you the most reactions, the 6 Week Bootcamp will give you dozens of ideas customized for your audience so you can schedule your content well in advance - freeing up your precious time!

How will it drive results?

We’ll start with a social media foundation. (One thing so many people skip right over.) We will dig in to what makes your business unique and who it is that you’re trying to reach. From there, knowing what to post becomes easy! You’ll learn how to interpret successful engagement based on the types of posts you share with your customers so you can focus on posting more of what they find engaging.

More importantly, how do I know if this course is right for me?

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owners or marketing manager feeling like you’re spending way too much time on social media but not seeing the results, this course is for you. In 6 weeks, you will develop a social media strategy and proven system to connect with your customers. This course will not only leave you equipped to tackle your social media goals but also excited and empowered to do so!